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ArsLegem offers you more than just legal services. We provide creative, practical and pragmatic long term solutions that are tailored for your business. If the need arises, our experienced litigation team, with a track record of over 90% case wins, is always ready to advise and defend.

Our multidisciplinary expertise and extensive experience allows us to identify any legal issues and deal with them at an early stage. This will provide you with peace of mind and assurance that all reasonably expected risks are adequately addressed.


Our client relations are built upon the following four cornerstones:

Communication – the language of law is often unclear and complex. Therefore, we demystify the law in order to provide you with clear-cut solutions in easy to understand language.

Initiative – we don’t wait for someone else to act. We are always proactive in taking action and delivering the expected results to our clients.

Focus – our multidisciplinary expertise and experience allows us to see the “big picture” in order to promptly identify potential risks and to set clear priorities.

Efficiency – our goal is to develop a solution that will both meet our client’s objectives and address their cost-benefit concerns.


ArsLegem is an independent Ukrainian law firm providing litigation and counselling services in all major areas of business law. The firm was established in 2011 by Oleksandr Petrov (previously a partner in a prominent Ukrainian litigation and regulatory law boutique).  It assumed its current structure in 2012 when Roman Kolos (a partner in a leading CEE law firm) joined the team.  They have combined their skills and experience to establish a firm offering outstanding legal services to its clients while at the same time, responding to new market realities and challenges.


Every law firm claims to offer high quality legal services. Since they all claim to be able to do the same things, how can you tell them apart in order to be able to make the right choice? What are the key factors that are most important in making your decision? These are the five reasons why you should choose ArsLegem for your legal needs.

Costs Transparency
We have a clear understanding of your budgetary concerns. As a result, we always provide our clients with a clear and transparent fee structure with fixed or capped fees for our work.  Each ArsLegem fee arrangement is evaluated on an individual basis.  It may include mechanisms such as a blended hourly rate, volume based discounts, partial contingency fee, retainer arrangements, etc.

Peace of Mind
Our broad legal experience and expertise has taught what to anticipate in any possible situation. This allows us to approach legal issues from a variety of perspective including:  regulatory, tax, competition law, potential litigation success, etc. As a result, all potential legal risks will be addressed and resolved promptly so that you have a positive experience.

You Stay in Control
ArsLegem works with you to develop an effective strategy, explains all of the possible scenarios with their associated risks and benefits. You will be the person who is in control and will be able to choose a suitable path to deal with your specific legal situation. Our firm will provide you with regular updates on progress with your case as well as the need for possible adjustments to the initial plan. Our direct partner involvement will ensure that you have a capable, experienced lawyer who is available 24/7 to immediately respond to your concerns or to answer your questions.

Long Term Solutions
Our commitment is to offer creative, practical and pragmatic solutions that are specifically tailored for your business. In addition to helping you to achieve your short term goals, we also ensure we address any reasonably foreseeable mid and long term risks.  

Advise and Defend
For any transaction or project, we are always aware of the possibility of potential dispute. Therefore, we always make sure that we can successfully defend your position. ArsLegem thoroughly analyses significant cases and court recommendations with respect to similar matters that can be directly applied to your legal issue. Our experienced litigation team has a track record of over 90% case wins.  We are always ready to advise and defend you in both commercial matters and in disputes with state authorities, including tax litigation.

I would highly recommend ArsLegem as an invaluable legal resource without reservations. The firm and its lawyers have proven to be very responsive, committed and knowledgeable  in the areas we have used their practice …

Gawein Minks, Development Director CEE, Multi Poland

ArsLegem helped us to successfully challenge all of such claims and actually win in all 7 litigations with fiscal authorities .  The law firm also regularly advises us on employment and corporate governance matters. I highly recommend ArsLegem

Olga Afonina, Director, Onduline Construction Materials

we appreciate the firm’s determination and commitment to our interests,  partner-level attention, quality of their advice, and ability to think outside the box  and offer very  practical and efficient solutions to complicated legal issues

Andrey Lysenko, Senior Counsel, Philip Morris Ukraine